since 2022


GLASSMEETING is a continuous, reemerging exhibition platform moving between five young female glass artists from Germany, Denmark and Czech Republic

Ida Cordius, Miriam Lagaidi, Louise Lang, Laura Sonne Lund and Michaela Trávníčková met during the Glass Works training program 2021-2022, in Bildwerk Frauenau (DE). After having shared these six months at the glass-academy in south Bavaria, working closely together on individual projects, sharing knowledge and inspiration, we now wish to maintain our relationship as colleagues and friends.

We want to create a platform based on this network, where we can explore organizing exhibitions in a group, to grow our professional experience based on the opportunities we have at hand, and to discover the potential of showing our work in different cultural contexts.

This is why we created GLASSMEETING as an opportunity to continue to work together and to observe how our glasswork will change when exhibited in another country/region.

The concept of the GLASSMEETING is very simple - every year we show our work together as a group in the country or city that in that time, is the home of one of us based on the opportunities we have at hand, working together, and explore each time a different theme connected to the specific exhibition. The first GLASSMEETING NR. 1 - Artificial Structures, was taking place 25.9-3.10-2022 hosted in Louise Lang Atelier in Lemgo, North-Rhine-Westphalia of Germany. Artificial Structures refers both to the man made material of glass, and somehow also covered our sense of exploring a new way of working together. For our second exhibition GLASSMEETING NR. 2 - Obydleno, we met in a small cultural heritage house in the village Brestek in the Czech Republic from 22.7-6.8-2023. Obydleno, is the Czech word for Inhabit and was a headline for our investigations of relational aesthetics created on so many levels when our pieces inhabited this atmospheric space.

For our third GLASSMEETING NR. 3 - Brydninger, we are planning to showcase our newest work in Copenhagen in an artist driven gallery, Wild Horses Gallery from the 18th of april to the 17th of may, 2024. The gallery is placed in a vibrant growing part of the capitol, where the old working and industrial areas slowly are turning into grass-root galleries, coffee shops and ateliers. Our theme for this 2024 exhibition is Brydninger, the danish word for Refractions, as a concept referring to the way waves change their direction and/or speed when moving through different media, eg. sound through water, light through glass etc. We are interested in the movement through media, something bridging over something, creating a change. A movement of breaking-through, inwards towards something yet unknown. The concept of refractions holds within it this movement and allows us to investigate how objects can change, while we are all in a process of expanding our practices as artists.