30. July - 15. August

Thomas Rentmeister's Class

You are welcome to join the 30.7. the opening at 6 PM. Contact can be made and avoided in many different ways and enables us to perceive ourselves as well as the environment. The connections between living beings, objects, and systems that touch or communicate with each



Here We Go

At the 11. Internationale Glassplastik & Garden exhibition in Munster / Germany I showed two objects: Here We GoMade out of three different parts, which are connected to each other and mirrored on every side. The different angles allows you to see different perspectives of your



Haapsalu Glass Days

I took part at the Haapsalu Glass Days in the Evald Okase Museum from 29.7. - 3.8.2019. One week glassblowing in the yard of the museum, playing and experimenting with ideas with the theme INTERPLAY with GLASS & LIGHT. The finals goals got exhibit in the


Rittergut Lucklum


to be flabbergasted A glimmer, disappearing and fluffing up at the same time. Every part of the very thin blown glassfoil reflects and create a infinite deepness and sublimeness. A whiff of glass. ca. 2,50 x 3 m x 0,4 m, 2018, glassfoil this work was part of the


Flanitz in Frauenau

A Place To Be

July - October 2018 There is a 60 x 110 x 5 cm sized orange glass panel underwater installed. The point of view for the visitor is a stump cut to a rectangle and colored orange at the riverside. On the face of it you see nothing. You


illumination boxes

modern, mobile, nonfunctional hall of mirrors

The base of these illumination boxes are mirror panels, which removed in places the mirror on the front or either on the back side. Some spots stays as a usual mirror.  


glass objectes & slikscreens


Shades, denseness, glades and interspace becomes an incomprehensible vision. Inspiered from the nature I take details and work it out to glass objects or silkscreen prints on paper. Here as a showcase are the glassobject Blue Motion (29,5 x 24,5 x 13 cm) and a print


38 different shapes, 8 silkscreens & 1 booklet

Eine Formenreihe

2014 - 2017 All of the 38 different shapes are made in Japan 2014. They are all blown and shape by myself, between 8 to 16 cm high and 7 to 13 cm wide. Some of them are completly closed and others reminds to daily


the space in between

Interior Space

Face to face views two different shapes on the surface area, which I grinded with a rough grit. The on touched clear glass sections in between opens new views and spaces.  


a series

grinded Structures

For this series I blown all vessel in the same shape style but different colors at the furnace. After I draw an indviduell structures with the grinder on the surface.  


to observe how glass cracks


By the huge possibilities to work with glass I am interested in the basic occurrences. Temperature differences for example provoke tension within the glass and this creates beautiful structures which I try to capture. Trying to create these cracks in the glass


a velvety surface



three types