Installation & Performance,
Glass foil,
1400 x 600 x 120 cm

The material for the expansive installation, which was on display at the LWL-Industriemuseum Glashütte Gernheim from the end of May until October 2023, consists of many thin glass foil.

The process is visible and present, first during the production of the material and later during the final performance. This presence of change involuntarily raises questions, such as the value of our own actions, and makes them more meaningful through meditative repetition. At the same time, the action refers to the original use of the glassworks' former production site, giving an idea of the sweat and heat, and making the work of each step tangible.

Piled up as a sculpture, a transformation takes place, the individual piece loses its significance and the mass is attractive in its otherness, allowing for different associations depending on the point of view.

© Peter Hübbe