Thomas Rentmeister's Class

30. July - 15. August

Thomas Rentmeister's Class

You are welcome to join the 30.7. the opening at 6 PM.

Contact can be made and avoided in many different ways and enables us to perceive ourselves as well as the environment. The connections between living beings, objects, and systems that touch or communicate with each other are complex. In the present time, especially, contact is being thought anew and the familiar is in transformation. Not only digitalisation and new forms of interconnection, but also new borders and limitations are redefining the way we live together. But contact can be sensed even in its absence. This exhibition, featuring the work of students in Thomas Rentmeister's class, addresses forms of access to altered life realities, forms of contact and how they are treated. The class is focused on,but not limited to, sculpture, broadly defined. Besides sculptural works, the exhibition counts with installations, photography, film and other media.

Sophia Amato, Eileen Becker, Alexander Böckel, Agathe Borbe, Laura Bossert, Viiri Linnéa Broo Andersson, Anna Darmstädter, Alexander Grochla, Charlotte Maria Kätzl, Min Kim, Paula Knust Rosales, Louise Lang, Nora Lube, Gerald Meilicke, Borys Mysakovych, Sunny Pudert, Marianna Schalbe, Aaron Schreiner, Mira Siering, Philip Strehler, Cecilia Voßbeck, Heeae Yang, Maja Zipf

TALK an open discussion on the exhibition 1.8. at 3 PM.

Open from Thursday to Sunday 2 - 8 PM

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